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Credence Cranes

Credence Cranes has been an inseparable part of the mechanical industry for the last 30 years. We are situated in Ahmadabad; we pay close attention to all the components of a crane and decide where and when a reliable and beneficial operation should take place.

Our crane installation operations have not only been carried out in India but also in Europe and Africa. This is why we can boast of a crane service that is global, reliable and applause-worthy.

With a team of highly professional and extremely experienced engineers on board, Credence Cranes makes use of the advanced technology available today to create designs that are both agreeable and practical for all our clients.

An environment of maximum caution is also maintained by the staff and administration of Credence Cranes. We are mindful of the fact that maximum safety should be taken into consideration during material handling. This is why our computer-aided design team carries out design calculations and analysis for this process.

Our development team is also always busy inventing products that are both economical in cost and efficient in their performance.

Equipped with a strong service network and after having worked with renowned clients such as L&T, Reliance, Tata Steel, etc., we feel adept in the mechanical field.

As for cost-effective products, our customers need not worry because we guarantee to deliver the most excellent products within a specific time frame. We aim to always be punctual. Applying the highest standard of engineering and technology allows us to make our final products excellent and trustworthy.

Double Girder EOT Crane Beam | Credence Cranes

Our customers would be pleased to know that we not only have budget-friendly products but also a complete range of material handling projects up our sleeve.

Then, there is the customization of material handling solutions. You choose we make.

The aftermath of purchase with Credence Cranes is also pleasant since we provide after-sales assistance. We also provide the most sought-after form of technical assistance and make sure that we deliver spare parts in a short time to long-distance areas.

All the components of a crane undergo intense calculations so that the operation can be carried out without any obstacles or oversights.

Not only this, but we also provide a test certificate for all the components of our crane Our primary approach is to stay optimistic and creative throughout all operations. The interactions which we have with our clients are polite, formal and straight to the point.

Credence Cranes will always prioritize quality over quantity. Even the atmosphere that it nurtures for all its employees is disciplined and energetic.

We, as a company, also make sure that we create a safe space for our clients to put forth their ideas and projects.

After the competition of 120 projects and after having 90 happy customers, we know that if we aid you in your upcoming mechanical project, we will succeed and so will you!


A world with most excellent cranes


Honest and dedicated to excellence and
commitment in all aspects

Credence Beliefs

Design & Development

Credence has a strong design development & development team with highly qualified and experienced engineers capable to design and develop the products using advanced CAD software’s. Computer-aided design team performs design calculations and analysis to achieve higher excellence and safety in material handling. Development team constantly works on the invention of the economical and efficient product with higher performance

Quality Policy

At Credence, we thrive to develop products with consistency and comply with international standards. The state of art manufacturing facilities and our dedicated team implements a quality management system that continually improves the quality of our services and increases the satisfaction of our customers, employees, and suppliers. This commitment to quality is further corroborated by its Quality Management System with ISO-9001 Certification which helps us continuously stay relevant with key updates to further improve our quality standards and help develop a reliable and safe product for our customers.



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